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What is there to see at Coed Nant Gain?

Like the Amazon rainforest, Coed Nant Gain has been here since the retreat of the ice age 12 millennia ago.  It too has a dawn chorus; flowering plants and climbing vines; orchids; diverse birds; a huge diversity of insects - from moths and butterflies to dragonflies; mammals; such as fox, badger and stoat; reptiles; slugs; woodbugs!  There are over 800 recorded species on the database and there’d be many more were the identification skills available.  Coed Nant Gain is thus exceptionally rich, one reason why I refer to it as Old-Growth Ancient Woodland.
Demonstration  of  Natural  Forest Practice
Coed Nant Gain is a typical woodland exploited in the past, but exceptional as a demonstration of how to work in harmony with the natural ecosystem.  Some of the things to be seen are:-
* The application of the Habitat jigsaw in assisting the owner/ manager to comprehend their woodland and formulate a vision that reflects their aspirations and the needs woodland;
 * An interactive woodland community (more than just trees), of fauna, flora and geography where everything plays its part in shaping the woodland we see;
* Giving nature a helping-hand by accelerating natural processes of recovery that restore the health of the woodland;
* The restoration of a truly sustainable woodland where nature gives the lead in what is done and thus how to intervene;
* Experiments and observation exploring how the woodland works- glades (natural and man made), rainfall, creating beetle houses, diversity of decaying wood, artificial hollow trees, new woodland and more;
* Taking account of historical interventions, physical and plants, that influence why the woodland is as it is now;
* First signs of the effect of a changing climate;
* Encourage nature to grow from seed trees that will make timber and offset future expenditure;
* Living in harmony with, co-existing and respecting the woodland;
* Experience the peace and tranquillity of the woodland, feel spiritually refreshed, and relax.  And a memorable adventure for children to gain respect for living things;


standing dacay

Visitors are given a Guided tour
tailored to their interest.  I explain what I’m doing and people thus gain appreciation for woodlands in the countryside.

Top left - Picnicking in the woodland amphitheatre.

Middle - Explaining how the woodland functions

Bottom - Creating standing decaying wood.