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Left – Clearing in broadleaf woodland.  Bigger than a glade, too much light and air, the brambles have taken over stifling all regeneration as nature takes its course.

What are the dangers of an ill-conceived intervention?

All too frequently people’s immediate response on seeing abused and neglected woodland is to say- Thin it, open it up,  even - Clear the lot and start again!  The result frequently is -
* To disrupt the natural succession of the forest, its self-regulation and diversity;
* To damage the forest soil through loss of moisture, fauna and flora;
* To lose decaying wood- standing trunks, branches in the tree and on the floor, together with loss of older trees, significantly damaging the health of the forest;
* To reduce the natural humidity of the forest letting in too much light and breeze dehydrating of plants and fungi;
* To change the microclimate with accompanying loss of fauna and flora (above ground) disrupting the woodland structure;
* A commercial operation unsuited to small woodlands which are by their fragmentation non-commercial;

* Beyond the scope of a small owner or warden whose strength lies in working continuously a little year on year.




Left - Clear-cut, yes in Wales!  Steep, dry, hillside, the effect has been to destroy the  forest ecosystem.