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My Woodland Coed Nant Gain

Once upon a time just after the last Ice Age this woodland was untouched by man.  It would have been full of native trees and plants, huge amounts of decaying wood, fungi, the haunt of wolf, bear and beaver, insects galore and symphonic with birdsong.  read on...

Roof boss from Cilcain Church. A medieval carpenter has evidently studied the leaves of trees 500 years ago!

Old Growth Ancient Woodland in Wales

In the village of Cilcain in the Clwydian Hills of North Wales there is a church with a magnificent medieval roof dating from before the Reformation.  It is a revelation to stand there and speculate how many large oak trees did it take to make this and, most poignantly, what did the countryside look like that it could produce so many oaks? read on....

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Statues Coed Nant Gain'Trilogy' commissioned by Iliff Simey, sculptor Nick Eames completed Autumn 2020

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Statues Coed Nant Gain'Trilogy' commissioned by Iliff Simey sculptor Nick Eames completed Autumn 2020

edge of woodland

Woodland Moisture

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