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restoring your woodland

An  open  letter  to  fellow  woodlanders

(amended 20-04-2012)

As I’m sure you are aware every woodland is different presenting unique challenges and opportunities - and restoring woodland is certainly a challenge, both mentally and physically.  When done harmoniously with the natural ecosystem, it can be immensely satisfying to observe the woodland respond.

Iiliff and visitors

 I have developed the concept of Natural Forest Practice in the process of restoring the health of my own woodland.  I work with nature by giving a helping-hand, not just of the trees but of the woodland ecosystem as a whole.  I have observed that a little intervention every year, year on year, whatever I can manage, is best for the woodland, contrary to one large intervention and then nothing for years.

You are welcome to come and see the vigour with which my woodland - Coed Nant Gain (top end of Wales) is responding.  I’m also available to walk your woodland, discuss its potential and give advice on converting to Natural Forest Practice.

          To provide encouragement I offer a free demonstration day in your woodland, working with you to map the habitat jigsaw (see webpage) and perhaps identify where a glade could be beneficially created by Paul, a skilled operator who has assisted me in my woodland.  It will be appreciated if you can provide a bird nesting box for each tree we intend to top.

I also lead guided tours for community groups, both in my woodland and your own.

I do not charge for any of this.  However a contribution (maybe in kind) to my expenses is welcome, or a donation to Tree Aid and an entry in the website Guest Book recording your interest is encouraged.

Please contact me by email or phone.  You’ll find this on the ‘Contact us’ page of this website.  We are located at the top end of Wales, GB.
in anticipation, yours sincerely
Iliff Simey